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We want to change the world. And you can too.


We are committed to building a different type of company, founded on our values of trust, strength and seriousness. Individuals who share our passion for revolutionizing the way we interact with life, and also for how we build.

We believe that some people are committed to the values that lead to great work.

John Mateke
Founder & CEO

High standards

We set high standards starting from our ways of thinking and working, to corporate spirit and being a family.

Think bigger

To do the best work it’s important to always see things bigger than realistic. That’s what Homestead is all about.


All operations we made are digitalized.


Create new things


We will always push the limits and ignore, in some senses, all the reasons why something shouldn’t be possible.

Open for everyone

Extremely open-minded. Super individual.

Homestead made me get to know myself. What I am and what I want to become.

Phillip Oberloher
Former Chief Design Officer


Not just a job,
your own story.
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